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Scope of Engineering Service


  • Structural Analysis for Building, Civil Works etc.
  • Joint Detail Connection for various type of Steel Structure


  • Steel Structure Connection Detail
  • Shop drawing for Steel Structure

We are familiar with most of International Standards and Codes normally used in the Supply, Detailing, and Fabrication of Structural Steel. In terms of asssignments Murinda is equipped and staffed to afford a total technology support both civil and steel technologies.

While our operating philosophy of quality oriented construction, it has been proven to bring satisfactions to our customers.

Engineering Team
  • In-house technical employees
    50 persons
  • Engineers
    30 persons
  • Licensed Engineers
    (Indonesian Construction Association)
    16 persons
  • Designers
    6 persons
  • Draftpersons
    24 persons
  • Checker
    5 persons
  • Detailing Coordinator
    3 persons
Engineering Software

For Structural Design Calculation

  • SAP 2000 V.12.00 (License)

For Steel Structure Detailing and Other Drawing

  • GstarCAD 2015 (License)
  • BricsCAD 2018 (License)
  • ZWCAD 2021 (License)
  • StruCAD 14.00 (License)
  • TEKLA V.17 (License)
  • TEKLA V.21 (License)
Engineering Hardware
  • Unit Plotter HP DesignJet 8000
  • Unit Plotter HP DesignJet 700
  • Unit Plotter HP DesignJet 330
  • Unit Printer HP OfficeJet 7000
  • Unit Printer HP LaserJet 5200
  • Unit PC Intel Core i7 3.40 Ghz
  • Unit Server IBM 4.0 Ghz
  • Unit Workstation
Support from USA Detailing Company

PT Murinda Iron Steel has an agreement with Steel Detailers International (SDI), Georgia, Atlanta and Paxton & Vierling Steel Co., Omaha, Nebraska USA to support the Detailing Works for Steel Structure.